Tennessee Locksmith Licensing

Tennessee requires all locksmiths and their employees to be registered or licensed with the Tennessee Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance. All applicants will have to qualify as a General Locksmith, while those interested in Safe and Vault Locksmithing or Automotive Locksmithing will have to meet additional qualifications. Below is an overview on how to become a licensed locksmith in Tennessee…

  1. Get educated. All Locksmith License applicants will need to be educated by a qualified training program. However, training is not required for Locksmith Apprentice applicants. The Commissioner website offers a list of approved qualifying education courses.
  2. Take an examination. Examination is required for all applicants who apply for a Locksmith License.  The exam is administered by the PSI Exams website, where you can register and schedule your exam.
  3. Submit a completed application (pdf) for review and evaluation for licensing. Processing generally takes 4-6 weeks.
  4. Obtain three (3) sets of classifiable fingerprint cards. The Commission website offers a detailed Fingerprint Submission and Processing Information (pdf) overview that explains how to do this in more detail.
  5. Display your license. Your license number will need to be prominently displayed on all motor vehicles used in the course of business and all written advertising you do.
  6. Continue your education.
  7. Renew your license. Renewal applications are forwarded by mail 90 days before your license’s expiration date. Be sure to submit your renewal form along with all completed renewal requirements 60 days prior to the expiration date.

For more information on locksmith training and licensing, please visit the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Commission website.